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The Sacred Bath - An American Teen’s Story of Modern Day Slavery in an upper class Mid-West neighborhood (PDF of Cover)

by Theresa L. Flores

Slavery Still Exists! A story of how Modern Day Slavery is still occurring in the United States, even amongst rich teens in the Mid-West!

Featured on WBNS-10TV Columbus, Fox28-ABC Columbus, Fox8 Cleveland Morning Show: ”This is Life” and ONN (Ohio News Network)

Author featured in ”Invisible Slavery” exhibit at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"The text captures the reader and invites him/her into the mind of the narrator. With vivid description and honest confession, the reader will feel fear, sadness, anger, empathy and respect simultaneously and at different places in the text....a story like this is incredibly important for parents to read as well as all women, simply because so many people are unaware of the possibility of this happening. I applaud the author's courage and take heart in the knowledge that such horror and terror can be survived victoriously."   Writer's Digest Review

*Do you believe Human Trafficking only occurs in Third World countries or to illegal immigrants?

*Do you believe that slavery was abolished in the United States hundreds of years ago?

The fact is that Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking is rampant in the US and nearly 300,000 American children are at risk.

Author Theresa Flores shares her story of trafficking and slavery while living in an upper-middle class suburb of Detroit Michigan.  At fifteen years of age, she was drugged, raped and tortured for two long years. Kept in bondage, forced to pay back an impossible debt. All the while living at home, attempting to keep her family safe and attending school during the day along side of her abusers. Only to be called into ‘service’ late each night, while her unknowing family slept soundly. Involuntarily involved in a large underground criminal ring, she was manipulated, coerced and threatened. Enduring more as a child than most adults will ever face in a lifetime.

The Sacred Bath discusses how Ms. Flores healed the wounds of sexual servitude and offers advice to parents and professionals on preventing this from happening to their children. She also educates and gives facts on Human Trafficking in Modern Day America.

For more information, contact author at or visit her website at Books available for purchase via,,

“The more a
man knows,
the more
he forgives.”

—Catherine the Great

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